Critical startup basics I couldn’t really understand by reading #1: Value

Step 0: Pitching value

Step 1: Technical value: What vs. Why

What problem does my technology solve for my customer?

Step 2: Technical value vs. business value

“Deploying data across endpoints which will redirect attackers’ efforts to environments we control, detecting them faster along with the associated forensic information.”

“Punching attackers by shifting the economics on them. Increasing their costs exponentially, catching them and collecting the associated forensic information much faster.”

“Cyber deception counters attackers once they already gained access to your environment. It provides with visibility into your perimeter, with a control for catching attackers once they attempt lateral movement.”

Step 3: Qualifying your customer

Step 4: Shifting with your customer vs. educating the market

MVP as a way of life



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Gadi Evron

Gadi Evron

Former founder and CEO at Cymmetria. Chairing global task forces (WEF RISCC), threat hunter/miscreant puncher, scifi geek, dance teacher.