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Gadi Evron
1 min readJul 17, 2019


It wasn’t when I started writing a flash story out of three writing prompts every day that I knew it. Nor was it when I painfully rewrote my very first short story ever, from scratch, bleeding out of my eyes, that I really knew it to be so.

Even when I spent the entire weekend creating a social media platform out of nothing, so that my successful author’s future self would have it ready, I still didn’t know it to be a sure thing.

When I started studying grammar that’s when it hit me in the face.

I now know I am serious about becoming an author.

You have no idea how many books I read just so that I could absorb English grammar semi-instinctually, and pants my way through writing with somewhat decent grammar.

All that just to avoid sitting down and studying it.
Until today.

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