Conduct of discussion in the age of weaponized speech

  1. Friends always de-escalate. If you feel like escalating, say why that is. What was it that rubbed you the wrong way? Let’s discuss it.
  2. Rules of argument mean less than existence of discussion. A person may have a point, or something bugs them, even if they fail to articulate it at the moment in a way that’s acceptable to you.
  3. Collaborate for a good discussion. If collaboration doesn’t exist, disengage.
  4. Of you state an opinion without an argument to support it, say so.
  5. If you wish to discuss a topic that could be clouded by wider context, admit to the context. Discussion of context is then relegated to another time and only those interested in the out of context discussion should engage.
  6. Instead of the weaponizers running you off from the discussion, they are uninvited. Break these guidelines (being mindful of #3 above), and you will be called out on it. You would be the one who is illegitimate, rather than moral outrage, rather than moral outrage instigators. People will disengage, and if disruptive, you may be uninvited from the discussion.



Former founder and CEO at Cymmetria. Chairing global task forces (WEF RISCC), threat hunter/miscreant puncher, scifi geek, dance teacher.

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