Mentoring young women in cyber security

Gadi Evron
2 min readJan 31, 2018


Do you know a young woman looking to develop a career in cyber security? If so, then this post is for you.

Why women?

  1. Because we always talk about needing to do something to attract women to our industry, and usually it ends in just talk.
  2. Women are hard workers, are just as interested in our field, and usually do not have the industry support network most men do.
  3. Because this is what I started doing when I met someone who needed help, and I enjoy it.


I’m happy to help anybody with some advice — so message me, but for a full mentorship I found some prior experience helps. Students and professional juniors, who already understand a little bit of system and coding, will get preference.

How many am I willing to mentor?

Two more at this stage.

Warning to applicants

This is an extremely demanding mentorship program. I expect you to become a ninja in a short time — And that requires a lot of hard work.

How can you help?

I’m not quite willing to scale what I do yet (perhaps one day, socially — it’s what I usually do). I am pretty happy with the program I built and with working on it by myself.

But, you can help by sharing this post with those who may be interested.

How can you or someone you know apply?

Message me on Facebook (Gadi Evron on Cyber Security & Privacy), or DM me on Twitter (@gadievron) with your request.

Many thanks to Marion Marschalek, Halvar Flake, Karen Castelletti, Dekel Braunstein, Matt Jonkman, and others who agreed to help with this effort in the past and thus helped nudge me in this direction.

Gadi Evron.
(Twitter: @gadievron, Facebook: @gadioncyber)



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